Recently, we read an issue of The Magnolia Journal. In true Joanna Gaines’ style, each page revealed a treasure of its own—all unique and completely relevant to our lives in this very moment—but there was one page that stood out above all the rest. As it so happened, it was the very last page of the magazine. There, the beliefs that guide their Journal were emblazoned for all to see, encapsulated in what they call The Magnolia Manifesto.

What we loved most was the way it cut through the noise that can sometimes consume our busy lives, and got straight to the heart of the core values and beliefs that guide their team. We found ourselves nodding in agreement, and walked away feeling an even deeper sense of connection to their brand and their work (who knew that was even possible?!). 

Inspired by that experience, we recently took some time to reflect on the work we're doing and captured our own brand manifesto. Our hope is that by sharing this, you understand a bit more about us and what motivates us to do what we do.



We believe that time spent with others is time well spent, that there is so much more that binds us together than separates us. We believe that stories, when shared, can become bridges that lead to compassion and connection. We believe in the importance of extending love and grace to all we meet, and that simple gestures of kindness shared between strangers can result in an unending ripple effect of the very best kind. We believe that experiences are far more valuable than things and that spending quality time together is the very best way to spend our time. We believe that community and connection are at the heart of a good life. We believe in the importance of using our time and talents toward work that makes a positive impact, and that the work we do matters. We believe that our potential to do good is limitless and we aspire to prove that through all that we do. 


This is the heart behind our work and the vision statement that drives us in all that we do. We want to be smack-dab in the middle of the conversation centered around bringing people together. Our vision is to do that by continually shining a light on unique ways to build bridges that lead to togetherness. Because no matter how deeply divided we believe we are, the basis for unity lies in one simple truth: we're all in this together. From here on out, our constant narrative will be one of love and the power of human connection.