After the holiday season ends, it’s time to get back into our everyday routine. Life can become busy quickly, and if we aren’t intentional, it can be easy to lose the connection we’ve built with family and friends.

Staying connected takes effort, but the reward is definitely worth it! To help, we’re sharing 5 ways to stay connected with family and friends after the holidays are over.

#1 Use the Marco Polo App

The Marco Polo app is a game-changer when it comes to staying connected with family and friends. This is a video messaging app where users send video messages to each other. We love the fact that videos can be watched in real time, or whenever it’s convenient. Aside from a few premium features, the app is free to use which makes this a great option for everyone. 

Marco Polo is very easy to use, and people of all ages pick it up quickly. You can check it out here

#2 Host Sunday Dinner 

Getting together regularly with family and friends is the best way to deepen your sense of connection and community. Planning a regularly scheduled dinner is a great way to bring loved ones together and continue to strengthen relationships.

You might consider hosting every week, or divide up responsibilities by rotating who’s house everyone will gather at.

You may choose to have the host make the meal, or make things easier and encourage everyone to bring a dish for a potluck style dinner.

No matter which option you choose, everyone will enjoy dedicated time to get together, break bread, and continue to create new memories.

#3 Plan a Family Trip 

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Family and Friends After the Holidays: Planning a Trip

Take the time to plan a family trip. This can be a great way to build connections and stay in touch with loved ones. Whether you want to do an elaborate vacation or a little weekend getaway, a family trip can be a great way to foster continual connection, make lifelong memories, and deepen relationships. 

#4 Zoom/Facetime with Loved Ones

Thankfully staying connected with loved ones doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to FaceTime and Zoom. Make time weekly to video call with loved ones. 

This will help you stay up to date on one another’s lives, despite the miles that may separate you. If you aren't sure what to talk about, use a set of conversation cards to help get things rolling. You may be surprised by how much you learn about each other!

We have conversation cards for any type of relationship, so you're sure to always have something to talk about. 

#5 Host a Game Night 

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Family and Friends After the Holidays

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Invite friends and family over for a game night. Pull out a few of your favorite games, and encourage everyone to bring an appetizer or dessert to share. Everyone will have fun, and most importantly you’ll make great memories together.

You can get some of my favorite game ideas to play with my family here. If your family loves to get together to play games, consider making it a tradition. Make a date every month that you get together to play some of your favorite family games! 

5 Ways to Stay Connected with Family and Friends After the Holidays 

Life is busy, and keeping up with your family and friends every day isn’t always easy.

But no matter how busy your schedule may be this year, make time for the things that matter most. Have dinner with your family, host game nights, spend time asking questions and getting to know each other. I think you may just find that the true magic we feel when we gather together comes from the effort we put into showing our genuine love for each other and building stronger connections.

Team MGC