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Oh hey there!

We’re so glad you landed in our little corner of the internet. If we were together IRL we would pull up a chair, lean in close, and tell you all about this little passion project of ours. We started Lumitory back in 2015, and the same values and beliefs that inspired us then continue to guide us today.

Our mission is to inspire community and connection, and every single thing we do is driven by that simple ideal. We wholeheartedly that these things are at the heart of a good life, and our hope is to create products that help you grow deeper in your relationships with the people you do life with.

When it comes to the items you see featured in our shop, we're laser focused on intentionality. From the questions that are included in each of our Conversation Card sets, to the design aesthetic and functionality of the boxes they are housed in, we spend obsessive amounts of time making sure that every detail is "just right".

Our values and beliefs serve as the guiding light for everything we do, and we’re fully focused on creating products that bring value to your life. We’re so glad you’re here!

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We’re fully focused on creating products and resources that inspire and equip you to create a deeper sense of connection and community. Our Conversation Cards are a perfect way to spark meaningful connections and deepen your relationships.