Are you hosting a holiday party this year? While it can feel overwhelming to host a party, it is usually worth it because of the joy and laughter you share when you are all together! If you’re planning to host but need some ideas for what to do together, this list is for you! Here are 7 Christmas party ideas everyone will love.

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Christmas Party Idea #1: Cookie Decorating Station

christmas cookie decorating station.


Is it Christmas without decorating sugar cookies? This is a favorite tradition among so many families, so you know it would be a hit at your Christmas party. Plus, this is an activity that’s fun for all ages. You could set up a table with a plastic tablecloth and cover it with premade cookies, frosting, sprinkles, candy, and any other decorations you prefer for decorating cookies. 

Having it set up as a station rather than a designated activity for part of the party will keep it casual and give people something to do in between different activities happening throughout the party. This is especially helpful if you have younger kids at the party because it gives them something fun to do while their parents chat with friends.

Christmas Party Idea #2: Christmas Charades

christmas charades game for parties.

Christmas charades are a great game to get people laughing and connecting with each other! You can split into teams or leave it as one big group depending on the number of people playing. To play, have a bowl filled with little pieces of paper, each having a Christmas-themed item written on it. Have each person take a turn drawing a piece of paper and acting out what’s on their paper. Have their team guess until they get it right!

Another great option here that will also bring great conversation is to take turns reading conversation cards! It's what is featured in the image above and we have a holiday themed box you can check out HERE that will be perfect for your holiday party!

Christmas Party Idea #3: Guess Who

christmas charades game.


This idea would be a great icebreaker game for the beginning of your party. You could create a stack of notecards with each one labeled a different Christmas character, object, etc. Stick the card on each person’s back as they come in without them seeing what’s on the card. Have everyone ask each other yes or no questions to try and figure out who/what they are. 

This simple game would be a fun way for your guests to get to know each other and get comfortable with the party! And the best part is that it is super easy to set up and won’t take long at all to prep. You can even switch up the theme of the game as well. You can stick with a Christmas theme or it could be celebrities, household items, etc. It’s up to you! 

Christmas Party Idea #4: Recipe Sharing & Taste Testing

recipe sharing activity at a christmas party.


Invite all of your guests to bring their favorite holiday treat or hors d’oeuvre with a few recipe cards to go with it. Your guests can all try the different snacks of their choice and take a recipe card with them if they want to try making it on their own. This activity is a great way for each guest to share a piece of their traditions with each other. Plus, it makes it so you don’t have to prepare all of the food for the party, so it’s a win-win! 

Christmas Party Idea #5: Photo Scavenger Hunt

christmas photo scavenger hunt game for parties.


Make a list of different holiday items around your home and the first person to take a picture of each item wins a prize! You can either have a large list to display for everyone to see or you could have little handouts so they can take it with them on their scavenger hunt. You could keep the hunt inside or even spread it to your outside decorations as well. Be creative and have some fun with this one! People love a friendly competition, especially if they win a prize at the end! 

Christmas Party Idea #6: Hot Cocoa Bar

hot cocoa bar tips for a christmas party.


You could really have some fun with setting up a hot cocoa bar for your Christmas party. For the actual hot chocolate, you could either have individual hot chocolate packets with hot water and/or milk available for people to mix it with or you could make a giant batch of hot chocolate and keep it warm in your slow cooker! Then you can have all the toppings out for people to choose how to dress their hot cocoa. Think candy canes, marshmallows, whipped cream, etc. This could be a super cute display and people will love to have a cup of hot chocolate at a Christmas party! 

Christmas Party Idea #7: Giving Back 

how to give back this christmas.


Organize a simple service activity as part of your Christmas party. This could be making Christmas cards for a nursing home, arranging a toy drive or food drive for those in need, etc. You could reach out to your local organizations looking for donations during this time of year and plan to donate the items everyone brings to that place. This is a special way to help everyone remember the true meaning of Christmas and where their hearts should lie during this time of year–and always. 

7 Christmas Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

Which of these 7 Christmas party ideas everyone will love will be included in your party this year? We hope you found some new favorites you want to try! We wish you the happiest of holidays and hope your party is a hit this year! If you loved this post and want more ideas on how to connect with your family and friends, give us a follow on Instagram @lumitory

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