Supper Club Contributing Chef Steven Contreras

As a former skateboarder, and graffiti and tattoo artist, Chef Steven Contreras of Base Pizzeria in Phoenix brings this same unique creativity to his craft. As a youth, Steven served as a prep cook for his mother. He later transitioned into the industry as a dishwasher, where he curiously took in how the cooks were creating their dishes and constantly asked questions. The head chef took notice and put him to work. Since then, Steven has worked in several acclaimed pizzerias in the Phoenix area and become known for his creativity, passion and leadership. One day, he saw an online ad for an executive chef position at a newly opened restaurant called Base Pizzeria. Now, Steven has near free reign to express his culinary inspirations. Base uses all organic ingredients, which is something that makes him feel good, knowing the food is both satisfying and nurturing. What Steven loves most about being a chef is how inclusive the job is: good food crosses social boundaries to bring people together. While being a chef is what Steven does for a living, he believes that being a devoted husband and father is what truly defines him.