Supper Club Mixologist Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn grew up in a small, island community in Washington State, where he spent summers working at his aunt's restaurant, Downriggers. It was there that he entered the world of craft cocktails and beverage pairings. After spending a few seasons behind the bar, Andrew started designing menus and crafting recipes for the seasonal drink specials. A few months after Base Pizzeria opened in Scottsdale, they began looking for a bartender to help fill out the staff, and Andrew was referred to Base by a mutual friend. He quickly realized that the concept was one that he was also passionate about: great ingredients + great food and drinks. Putting together recipes that pay homage to the past, while also looking towards the future of gastronomy and mixology, is a very unique opportunity. Andrew has helped to shape the beverage operations at Base Pizzeria and is excited for the challenges ahead.