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The Essential Guide to Hosting Christmas - Lumitory

The Essential Guide to Hosting Christmas

Are you hosting Christmas this year? This can feel super exciting and also a bit stressful, so we want to give you some of our tried and true hostess tips to help make things easier. The holidays should be a relaxing and fun experience for everyone, even the hostess. Here is the essential guide to hosting Christmas that will give you a quick rundown of what’s worth thinking about and what to let go of. 
The Heart of Hospitality - Lumitory

The Heart of Hospitality

Over the last five years, we’ve hosted countless people in our home. The summer months are always the busiest and, on any given week, it’s common to find anywhere between two and seven families staying with us. It’s a whole lot of fun and, in so many ways, it’s the fulfillment of what we envisioned in the very beginning. During that time, we’ve learned a whole heck of a lot about what lies at the heart of true hospitality. At the end of the day, we’ve found that it comes down to a few important things . . .