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Love Your Neighbor - Lumitory

Love Your Neighbor

Spring and summer are a great time to get outside. It’s also a perfect opportunity to set out to get to create a stronger sense of community, connection and friendship with those who live right around you. This month in the journal, we’re focused on getting out and meeting your neighbors. Whether you’ve lived in your home for years or you’ve just recently relocated, here’s our challenge: meet your neighbors! We’ve created a handy printable to help you track your progress.
How To Create A Great Gift Basket - Lumitory

How To Create A Great Gift Basket

If there’s one present I LOVE to give (and get!), it’s a good gift basket. They’re easy to assemble, can be modified to fit any budget, and have a real “wow” factor that recipients always love. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks for pulling these together that make them easy to create and super fun to give . . .